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Austine dall

Austine is a self-made entrepreneur and  expert  that focus on cryptocurrency and other various financial markets. His journey began at the age of 18 when he founded his first company, marking the commencement of a remarkable trajectory of growth and learning.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for business and a fervent desire to impart knowledge, Austine has assembled over the years a team of talented professionals who share his ethos of empowerment. Together, they are dedicated to assist entrepreneurs and companies in reaching their fullest potential.

With an impressive track record of achievements, Austine remains committed to ongoing learning and development, ensuring he stays at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. His holistic approach extends beyond the boardroom, with a steadfast dedication to maintaining a healthy body and mind. From fitness routines to meditation practices and a wholesome diet, Austine prioritizes well-being as a cornerstone of success.

Austine's dedication to making a positive impact extends to his community involvement. He  volunteered as a bush firefighter during Australia's devastating bushfires of 2019, showcasing his commitment to serving others in times of crisis. Additionally, he has dipped his toes into the realm of television, sharing his passion, authored a book, and spearheaded several other creative projects.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Austine finds fulfillment in giving back through various charitable endeavors. He is perpetually on the lookout for new projects that have the potential to contribute to a better world, embodying his belief in the transformative power of collective action.

Austine's multifaceted experiences, unwavering determination, and philanthropic spirit make him an invaluable asset to any organization striving to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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 UNSEEN CAPITAL VENTURE a cutting-edge technology company that tackle a multitude of global challenges, including financial inequity, wealth disparity, energy and other critical aspects of daily life. With a pioneering solution, UCV is spearheading a paradigm shift towards a more equitable and prosperous future. By leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence, UCV empowers individuals to take control of their life, business and finance. But UCV innovations extends beyond the realm of those topics, addressing crucial issues such as healthcare, education, and sustainability. In education, UCV immersive technologies to deliver inclusive and engaging learning experiences for students worldwide, bridging the knowledge gap and empowering future generations. With a global reach and a relentless drive for innovation, UCV stands as a beacon of hope, addressing pressing world problems through pioneering tech. By empowering individuals, creating equity, and tackling critical life matters, UCV is shaping a future where everyone can thrive.



My name is Miles, and I had an incredible life until my heart was taken from me. 

And when I say incredible, I mean there were run-ins with the mafia (which I survived), travels across the globe both in private jets and on an airbus that might've been held together with rubber bands! There were drug dealers and addicts; there were times I found myself rich and poor in every way imaginable. And of course, there were women, There are always women, aren't there?

I hope your seat belt is on, as my story will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, because well, so few people have experienced anything like what I have. 

Hopefully, by reading this, you will rethink your way of life. Too often, we find ourselves in a bubble of our own idealism, and we forget to question what is really important to us. We become creatures of habit, only taking care of our most immediate and basic needs but never really looking forward and seeking fulfillment. What happened to my friends and myself is one of the unpredictable adventures that life can hit you with.

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